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.:: Rivers of Revenue by Kristin Zhivago ::.
Rivers of Revenue
by Kristin Zhivago

Title:   Rivers of Revenue
Type:   Books
Category:   Marketing / Affiliates
Desc.:   Want to increase your sales? There's money flowing all around you. Tap into "Buyer Desire," learn how to overcome "Buyer Scrutiny," and understand how to make it easy for people to buy. It all makes sense, and it all works--in the real world.
Availability:   2 days
Add. Info:   "You can suffer through years of marketing and selling experimentation, or you can read this book and understand exactly what you have to do." --Guy Kawasaki, Author of Art of the Start
Publisher:   Smokin' Donut Books
Year:   2004
ISBN:   0974917915
Edition:   Paperback — 336 pages;
Dimensions:   (inches) — 1 x 9.5 x 6.25
Was:   $24.95
Price:   $24.95Buy Direct AND SAVE BIG!
YOU SAVE:   $0.00 (0%)
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