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.:: Unblock the Power of Your Sales Force! by Dieter Legat ::.
Unblock the Power of Your Sales Force!
by Dieter Legat and William Woehr

Title:   Unblock the Power of Your Sales Force!
Type:   Books
Category:   Management
Desc.:   Sales and selling management with system approach based on Goldratts theory of constraints
Availability:   2 days
Add. Info:   How to manage sales and selling ... with a system approach: * to customers (key accounts), * of key products: across channels and accounts, * of complete all channel sales organizations
Publisher:   NWV Vienna, Austria
Year:   2002
ISBN:   3-7083-0082-3
Edition:   Paperback — 130 pages;
Dimensions:   (inches) — 16 x 22,5 x 1
Was:   $51.00
Price:   $32.00Buy Direct AND SAVE BIG!
YOU SAVE:   $19.00 (37%)
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